Family Fun for Northeast Arkansas

July 9-10, 2016

Saturday | 9am-9pm
Sunday | 9am-7pm

Larry Cathey

Larry Cathey has enjoyed a 25 year career in advertising and branding in both the private as well as corporate sectors.

In 2014, Larry embarked on his most ambitious endeavor to date, starting his own advertising agency,  Heycatstudios, in conjunction with also starting his own self-publishing venture, Heycat Comics. Heycat Comics flagship title; Mek Corps, is a story of a dystopian future bent to the will of a hardened global Warlord who touches the lives of the civilized world through the strings of his global corporate empire. With the death of one universe creating an near-infinite energy source that emerged into our own, his total control of the world nears completion, held at bay by a lone group of rebels who operate from the shadows. The series is scheduled for a total of 6 installments scheduled for completion by the fall of 2016.

Kelly ​Williams

Kelly draws pictures, mainly comic books.  He has done work with Alterna Comics, as well as Caryn A Tate’s Red Plains for TopShelf2.0, and also years of self publishing.  He was artist and co-creator of video game parody web comic Co-Op, and was the creator of Jungle Planet with Topsoil comics.
​He is also a freelance artist. If you need it, he will draw it.

Mitch Foust discovered a passion for Fantasy, art, and history at an early age. He started his art career producing comic books in the black and white comic boom of the 1980’s. Foust has gone on to produce many illustrations for comics, book covers, role playing games, and t-shirts. Mitch has developed a fascination with textures and details in his work. He strives for as much realism as possible, creating his own unique look to his fantasy paintings. Since 2009, he has compiled his work into an annual Yearbook. These Yearbooks contain all of the work produced in the previous year. These books sell out fairly quickly. His work may be found online at

John Lucas has drawn and inked more comics than he could ever possibly remember. You may have seen his name in the credits of Deadpool, Uncanny X-Force, Ultimate X-Men, Batman:Streets of Gotham or Conan the Barbarian. John's current project, with Conan O'Brien/Daily Show writer Rob Kutner, is the free digital comic, Shrinkage, for the Farrago Comics app. You should, also, keep your peepers peeled for the OGN, Four Norsemen of the Apocalypse, written by Matt Sturges, from Devils Due/First.

Joltin' Johnny Lucas

Mitch ​Foust