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A&J’s Comics and Collectibles

Besides Ourselves Productions

Randy and Jeff's collectibles. We deal with vintage 1970s to early 90s boys toys like star wars , star trek , G I Joe's, power rangers and more. We also deal in vintage to modern girls toys like rainbow brite, strawberry shortcake, my little pony and more

Bottle Cap Bling

Elby's Catering

Gray Gulf Goods
Gray Gulf Goods provides Unique hand made jewerly, painted eyes
and costume pieces. We also sell Asian import items.

​Come by and talk to us about custom work.  We have experience creating costumes and props for Renaissance Fairs, Cosplay, Haunted Houses and Historic Reinactments.

Nerd Prints Custom 3D Printing

Gogeekcentral is the Proud sponsor of Arkansas' largest community of collectors. The 'ATC' Booth will have toys from pop culture dating as far back as the 60's but the majority will be 80's and 90's, and current toy lines.

Mr. Bill's Comics
Mr.Bill has been an avid comic collector since the early 1960's. He loves the hobby and especially loves sharing his enthusiasm with anyone who will listen.  At recent shows, he was approached by fathers wanting to start their children collecting comics.  That’s quite an honor, to be chosen as the one to help start out a new fan generation.  He's been told  by some major dealers that he might have one of the best complete SilverAge collections between St. Louis, Memphis, & Little Rock.  While his personal core collection is NOT for sale (at least, not yet), he has over 20,000 comics that are for sale. Thousands of Gold, Silver, Bronze and more recent are available. Some are worthy of a $1000 price tag, but the vast majority will be priced from $1 to $100, and every price is negotiable. “Make a fair offer and I will sell!” says Mr.Bill.  Hundreds of the ever-popular "GrabBags" will be offered at $1 each. While Mr. Bill's Website is being finished, he gladly accepts want-lists and fills orders by mail, always postage free. 

Email Mr.Bill at

Mihijime's Attic


The Society for Creative Anachronism
An international organization dedicated to researching and re-creating the arts and skills of pre-17th-century Europe. Our “Known World” consists of 20 kingdoms, with over 30,000 members residing in countries around the world. Members, dressed in clothing of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, attend events which feature tournaments, royal courts, feasts, dancing, various classes & workshops, and more.

July 9-10, 2016

Nerd Prints Custom 3D Printing offers a wide range of products including custom prop replicas, cosplay accessories, toys and anything you can dream up. We are now offering the latest printable materials including rustable metals, wood, carbon fiber and flexible plastic! While we do mostly commission pieces through the year, our convention tables are filled with our favorite unique stuff from Dr Who, Firefly, Fallout, Marvel, Star Wars, Minecraft and more! Plus obscure stuff that we DARE you to identify to prove your level of nerdiness. Stop by and geek out over our Fallout Combat Shotgun and pick up a $5 batarang - our most popular con item!

​Do you have comics, collectibles, t-shirts, and other memoralbillia for sale?  This is where you can book a vendor booth.
​Up to three booths available per vendor.  Book em' while they are still available!

Randy and Jeff’s Collectibles


J Customs

Family Fun for Northeast Arkansas

Angel Bear Toys

Dystopia Rising : Arkansas
Dystopia Rising: Arkansas is the Arkansas Chapter of the networked Dystopia Rising LARP. Dystopia Rising is a fully immersive live action role-playing game set in a post-apocalyptic, zombie infested world. Our game takes place in the fictional town of Crystal Creek, a long forgotten mining town with a reputation for secrecy, conflict, and a gritty determination to undertake what is necessary to survive. Skirting the swamps, marshes, and Misery Bay to the south and east, Crystal Creek is an important waystation for those attempting the dangerous trek through wild lands that have far too few friendly faces.

Our game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where the name of the game is survival. From Friday to Sunday you will be fully immersed in a world that will require you to gather resources, fend of antagonists, and build a way of life from the ashes of the long-distant fall of mankind. Will you be a guiding light in this world of darkness...or a ruthless malcontent feeding off those around you?

Dystopia Rising is not a game based off the elimination of the undead, it is the delicate balance of morality vs survival. What will your character do to insure the survival of themselves, their loved ones, and their friends? Should the situation arise, who is the most expendable?

Ten Jesters Comics
Find us,  Ten-Jesters Comics, on facebook.  We are family operated
for about two years. We deal with comic books, art work, collectibles, and anything nerdy really.